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General FAQs

What services does Serenity Talent offer?

We specialize in modeling, acting and live events, providing top-notch talents to meet diverse project needs.

How does Serenity Talent select its models and actors?

Our talents are meticulously handpicked, ensuring not only aesthetic alignment but also a dedication to craft and professionalism.

How does Serenity Talent support its talents in building their careers?

We work individually with each talent, focusing on their interests and goals, and guide them towards achieving their fullest potential in the entertainment industry.

How should I submit my application and photos to Serenity Talent?

Please complete the provided career talent form and upload recent unedited close-up and full-length photos. Ensure you do not use filters on your photos.

How will I know if my application to Serenity Talent was successful?

Our team diligently reviews all applications. Should we require additional information or if there's a potential fit, someone from our agency will contact you.

Is Serenity Talent a legally bonded agency?

Yes, Serenity Talent is not only licensed but also bonded in accordance with state laws and regulations. We're registered in both California and Florida, ensuring our commitment to operate under the highest standards of professionalism and trustworthiness in the entertainment industry.

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